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Customer Interface. Sales Management. Ticketing. Cloud based.

Scale your productivity with our cloud based software solution. Access data from anywhere in the world! Customer relation management made easy. We offer an easy operation with tablet support. scale crm is the ultimate connection between customer relation management, marketing and sales. Get more transparency and insight in your company. Our elaborate software supports with interfaces und custom solutions for your company!

Take care of a streamlined workflow in your company. With our toolset you gain a better collaboration between your customers and employees!

Tailored for your Company

Scale crm is a perfect base for individual software und business solutions. Gain profit from our experience. Different solutions for home building, real estates, hosting and information technology already exist.

Hands on scale crm

Demo LoginSee our product in action. Watch our video about the main features of scale crm or fill out the form to get your personal login.Gain access!

Tablet Support

Tablet AppOur tablet app for home building analysis supports your sales during the meeting with your customers!


Our infovideos are online and offer a fast overview of the main features of scale crm. To the videos

Customerinferface with ticketing developed! Want to see it in action? Jump to our demo page and test it yourself.

Homebuilding analyse with the tablet. Our apps allows direct input of customer data. Send your customer a protocol after the meeting with the app.